When second quarter rolls around, we start to get really excited for one of our favorite conferences hosted right here in South Florida. LNE Consulting‘s CEO, Julie Edmonds, recently hosted yet another great event, a conference geared around leadership subjects. With a vision of “educating, motivating, painting the big picture, and providing a networking opportunity,” Julie called upon entrepreneurs from across the country to come speak at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.


CEO, Julie Edmonds

The event kicked off on the morning of May 1st with smaller seminars for local professionals in human resources and direct marketing. An hour later, the full crowd of over 200 attendees gathered in the main hall to listen to Julie’s insight about breaking out of comfort zones, speaking with conviction, creating a legacy, thinking big, having grit, and being relentless about attracting the best clients. This motivating talk was followed by a variety of speeches from other successful businesspeople about subjects ranging from personal development, to fundamental sales skills, to campaign growth.

LNE-Consulting-Q2Conf00002One of the highlights of the afternoon was the awards ceremony in which individuals from companies across Florida State were recognized for their superb leadership performance in their respective companies. LNE Consulting was proud to recognize one of our own top performers, Jovani Rodriguez.

The event was also a wonderful opportunity to raise money for one of our dedicated philanthropies, Operation Smile. We are proud to have collected enough money to fund the life-changing surgeries of two children, which will correct facial deformities such as cleft palates and lips.

Another thoroughly enjoyable and extremely worthwhile event on the books!

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