jovani-julie-lne-consultingAt LNE Consulting we believe that success is not a coincidence. Rather, a result of high standards, hard work, a great attitude, and an unrelenting drive. Our Hollywood, Florida-based company lives and breathes this belief day in and day out, and one employee is currently standing out that exemplifies these core beliefs!

“Jovani Rodriguez is a go-getter. He’s intense about hitting his goals while helping all those around him succeed as well. You’ll always find him smiling and has a great attitude, regardless of circumstances.” This is what the President of LNE Consulting, Julie Edmonds, had to say about this star employee.

Jovani has only been working with LNE Consulting for just shy of a year, but what he has brought to the table is invaluable! When you ask him what it is that motivates him or where he gets his immense drive from, this is what he will tell you:

“Since I was young my mom always told my siblings and I to give 100% in everything we do! She motivated and inspired us to become the best version of ourselves. My goal is to give my family everything and anything they deserve and more. I also want to positively impact many lives!”

With such a great example in his life, he is now passing those same beliefs to others within LNE Consulting. One of the many reasons that his performance shines!

Another core belief of our company is that recognition and advancement opportunities within the company should be based solely on merit, rather than seniority. And Jovani is no different. He began in an entry level position and is quickly working his way up through his ability to achieve client targets (and exceed them) as well as his demonstrated leadership ability within the company. What he believes to set him apart from his peers is that he is really good at having and keeping a positive attitude. “Thinking positive is key! What we think is what we attract to our lives. We all have tough situations that take place in our lives but it’s not what happens, rather how we react to it. Having a big smile on my face is also very important” explained Jovani.

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