lne-consulting-JENBRICKAt our recent conference in Nashville, LNE Consulting heard from motivational speaker and gymnast, Jennifer Bricker.

To say that her story was inspirational would be an understatement. Growing up, Brickner had wanted to be a gymnast — but had one small challenge in her way: she was born without legs.

When she was born, Brickner’s birth parents felt that they could not afford the medical care that would be necessary for years to come. Very fortunately, she was adopted by the Brickner family.

Despite a set of unique challenges, her parents wouldn’t allow the word “can’t” to enter Brickner’s vocabulary.  They raised her in the same manner that they raised their three sons and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Thanks to her family’s acceptance and love, Brickner never saw her disability as a limitation. Instead, she pursued volleyball, softball, and even basketball. Her heart was set on gymnastics, though. She loved tumbling on the trampoline with her father and watching famous gold medallist, Doninique Moceanu, on television.

Jennifer Brickner went on to win state titles and competed in the Junior Olympics. Now, she is a professional acrobat who has toured with the likes of Brittney Spears. She lives in California and has since reunited with her biological mother, Camelia.

It’s difficult to put into words how inspiring it was for the LNE Consulting team to hear this incredible story straight from the source. Jennifer Brickner is a true reminder to us all that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

To see highlights from our conference, check out this video!

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