Spring is always an exciting season at LNE Consulting, and this year is no different! Whether it’s travel, promotions, conferences, events, or competitions, there is always something to look forward to when you’re a member of this Hollywood-based team. Let’s take a look at what’s going on at LNE Consulting right now…

“Top Guns” to head to the West Coast

Every Spring, our CEO, Julie Edmonds, hosts an event called Top Gun in Los Angeles, CA. It is a long weekend filled with learning, networking, and the royal treatment for all its attendees. This year’s event kicks off next week on May 18th. A total of 35 individuals from across the country will fly to California to enjoy dinners, workshops, and one-on-one coaching from a variety of successful businesspeople. Invitations were extended to only a few lucky pace-setters from across the country who have stood out because of their impressive sales results and strong leadership. Armando and Leidis of LNE Consulting are among the attendees. If you missed the post about last year’s event you can read it here, and be sure to stay tuned to hear all about the 2017 event.


Last year’s Top Gun event was unforgettable.


Fundraising fun in the sun

LNE Consulting has hosted and participated in fundraisers for Operation Smile for many years now, and when springtime comes around, we know that it’s almost time for Day of Smiles. This annual event has thousands of participants across the country, and its aim is to raise money to fund the surgeries of children born with cleft palates and similar facial deformities. On Saturday, May 20th, our team will collaborate with other local businesses and disperse throughout the South Florida beaches to raise money. If you haven’t read the post about last year’s event you can read it here. Be sure to stay tuned to hear how many smiling faces we’ve helped to create!

Last year’s “Day of Smiles” Operation Smile fundraiser changed the lives of 6 children.


Headed to the Big Easy!

We’re getting really excited for a big annual conference in the middle of June — and excitingly, this year’s is in New Orleans! Our CEO, Julie, is one of the hosts of the event — which is especially cool since Louisiana is her home state. A big chunk of our leadership team will be joining Julie on what’s promised to be an unforgettable trip.


Julie recognized many of our team members on stage at last year’s event.


The soccer event of a lifetime

You may recall that our one-of-a-kind-CEO purchased several tickets to the Real Madrid versus FC Barcelona Game coming up in Florida at the end of July. If you missed our last post you can read it here. An extremely heated competition began officially on April 3rd, with over 80 qualifying candidates vying to pick up one of the six tickets to the match. In recent weeks, the pool has been narrowed down to 40 people, and in two weeks from now, there will be only 20 remaining competitors. Normally, the LNE Consulting crew is one of the most motivated that you’ll find in South Florida — and this competition has no doubt added fuel to the already hot fire.

Promotions, promotions!

Promotions are most definitely in the air this spring. Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen so many talented and hardworking individuals move into leadership roles at our firm.

We kicked off the month of May with the promotions of Jovani and Anthony.


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