We are a privately owned boutique marketing firm in Hollywood, Florida. We were founded in 2009 by experienced entrepreneur, Julie Edmonds, who has been a business owner since 1997. We have expanded to include 21 locations throughout the United States — and p.s. we’re only just getting started! We’re competitive, excited, and enriched by the work that we do. Our rapid expansion is a true reflection of this passion.


We are your one-stop-shop for in-person direct marketing services. We handle both the strategic and tactical work of customer acquisition. At LNE Consulting we understand that obtaining customers is one thing; but getting them to come back is another. We take the time to engage one-on-one with your important customers in the local market. Read more.


We aim to wow our clients by producing revenue at a high ROI while maintaining the utmost integrity. We strive to maintain the highest standard of excellence that keeps every client coming back for more. We will provide personal and professional leadership training to all staff, regardless of prior experience. We will offer growth opportunities for those who possess a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and great student mentality.


I believe that success is obtained by taking small steps forward daily, making big dreams possible. I believe in the merits of continuous education and experience, which gives me the ability to evolve my skill sets to meet the challenges of any environment. I believe in honesty and integrity, through which I earn the respect and confidence of my co-workers and customers. I believe in servicing our customers with the highest level of quality care and professionalism, which secures us the trust and endorsements of the clients we represent. I believe in investing in the future, therefore I will nurture a team environment focused on personal growth and support. I believe if anyone can do it, I can do it. And because the men and women of LNE Consulting believe in these things, I believe in LNE Consulting.


We employ only motivated, goal-driven, passionate, and charismatic professionals — and it’s no coincidence. We are extremely selective in our hiring process to ensure that only the best are representing your brand. Each team member, no matter his or her role, receives thorough training to ensure a seamless connection between your business and ours. A unique merit-based advancement structure at LNE Consulting provides the incentive for staff members to produce results at the highest, most competitive level. We sincerely believe that the way we operate internally dictates the quality of the results that we bring to our clients.


LNE Consulting is like a family, and we want our clients to be an extension of that family. We represent a variety of multi-billion-dollar companies, most of which make the Fortune 100 list. While we can’t list our client names on our site due to privacy and protection, we can proudly assert that we represent the most recognizable names in industries such as mobile communications, telecommunications, office supply, retail, and energy. When you partner with LNE Consulting we will promise you results, and then we will deliver on that promise better than anyone else on the block.