For the CEO of LNE Consulting, Julie Edmonds, one of the greatest perks of being a successful entrepreneur is being able to share what she’s learned with others. Last weekend, she hosted a regional conference for 250 professionals, centered around one of her favorite subject matters: leadership. Most of the LNE Consulting team was in attendance, and as always, they were proud to see their own leader as the Master of Ceremonies and keynote speaker.

The theme of the conference was “Great Work Habits.” Entrepreneurs from across the country spoke about leadership by example through habits such as having a great attitude, being prepared, working a full day, respecting customers, and understanding opportunity.

Julie’s speech was about connecting your vision to your why. She emphasized the importance of tying your feelings to your goals and identifying the emotional reason for what you want. Later, during a breakout session, Julie spoke to a smaller group about coaching through effective conversations.

Awards were handed out to top industry performers during the first quarter. Excitingly, LNE Consulting team member, Eric Harlan, received recognition in front of the room.

Other highlights included a dance-off, which was good for a solid laugh! There was also a raffle to benefit Operation Smile, LNE Consulting’s dedicated philanthropy. The group successfully raised enough money to pay for a life-changing surgery for a child with a cleft palate.

After the conference, the day concluded with a big group get together at Rocco’s Tacos. It was all in all a successful day of learning, planning, and networking.

The team is already looking forward to the next big event in June in New Orleans. Stay tuned to hear all about it!

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