LNE Consulting‘s management team recently attended a career-changing event, Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. LNE Consulting’s CEO, Julie Edmonds, invited 5 people to join her in attendance of the 3-day event at Marlins Park in Miami.

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Businesspeople gathered from across the globe to learn strategies from the most successful entrepreneurs about how to “10X your business, 10X your income, and 10X your life.” They heard from world-class speakers whose talks carried themes of taking massive action to reach lofty goals; removing luck and chance from the success equation; and discovering a sense of purpose.

Self-made millionaire entrepreneur, Grant Cardone, hosted the event and shared impactful insights throughout. Headliners also included John Maxwell (prolific leadership author), Steve Harvey (comedian and TV host), Daymond John (CEO of FUBU and investor on Shark Tank), Bethenny Frankel (entrepreneur and TV personality), and Sara Blakely (billionaire founder of Spanx), among others. Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon also gave performances during the event.

Julie Edmonds was blown away by a number of Cardone’s powerful words. “Grant Cardone is all about mindset. He’s got a no nonsense attitude of ‘don’t complain, just find a way to get it done’,” Julie told us.

Julie was also struck by Cardone’s empowering message to be bold about promoting yourself and your company. Julie reflected, “It reminded me that we can’t hold back. We can’t be timid when it comes to telling others why we are great. It’s up to us to create a great brand and to promote it relentlessly.

Cardone also spoke a good deal about the value of sales skills, which undeniably hit home for the LNE Consulting attendees. Team member Crista remarked,

“It was interesting to hear Grant Cardone’s thoughts about something we talk about all the time here: the fact that sales is the foundation for everything — not even just in business. You have to be a persuasive communicator if you want to get anywhere in life.”

Julie Edmonds added, “If you look at Sara Blakely, she spent the first 7 years of her career selling copy machines door to door. Then she founded Spanx, and her sales skills were what got her into major stores like Neiman Marcus. Now she’s one of the few self-made female billionaires.”

Team member DK was impacted by what it means to have an unlimited mindset. “Instead of seeing something expensive and thinking that it’s too much money or you can’t afford it, change how you think. Work so you can afford whatever you want. Don’t tell yourself, ‘I hope I can make $100,000.’ Instead, plan to make $100 million. This is how you 10X your life.”

From start to finish, it was an incredible event. LNE Consulting’s attendees left feeling fired up and ready to 10X their success.

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