The top performers of LNE Consulting‘s management team just returned from a jam-packed week of advanced business training in Los Angeles. We are big believers in continuously sharpening the saw, so naturally, our Hollywood-headquarted squad jumped at the chance for additional professional development.


Tuesday, before the event officially kicked off, CEO Julie Edmonds spent some quality time with our California-based management team. She enjoyed meeting Elijah’s new baby and bonding with the new San Diego expansion team headed up by Ruth.

On Wednesday, Julie met with our client broker’s executive team to discuss bonus structures, Salesforce training, and growth opportunities in 2019. That evening, she dined with all of the speakers of the upcoming seminar.

The seminar kicked off early Thursday morning with back-to-back breakout sessions continuing into Friday afternoon. The talks were geared towards experienced managers, centering around leadership development and general business expansion.

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Julie hosted one of the breakout groups, speaking to fellow business consultants about maximizing the effectiveness of their office visits. She encouraged them to first spend time listening, observing, asking questions, and diagnosing. “Don’t go in and just start giving advice. Start neutral. Seek out information and find out what’s happening. Once you know what’s going on, you can have more effective one-on-ones and offer the advice that the team needs to hear,” Julie shared.

Another highlight of the seminar was delving into DISC assessments. DISC — which stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness — is a great tool for business leaders to identify and understand their own behaviors as well as their team’s. LNE Consulting’s management team, along with the other conference attendees, answered a series of questions to reveal their personality types. Then, they learned how to manage their teams more effectively by identifying and understanding each individual’s communications needs, dispositions, and priorities.

Saturday featured a luncheon at a Malibu restaurant exclusively for the ‘creme de la creme,’ individuals whose businesses had reached a certain size or revenue marker. Attendees benefitted from one-on-one coaching from top industry executives — not to mention some awesome networking and delicious food!

At the end of several intense days of learning, the icing on the cake was celebrating Julie’s birthday with friends and colleagues.

What more could we ask for from a business trip?

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