LNE Consulting Management Team at Theme Park

Good times at Islands of Adventure theme park.

Every year, LNE Consulting hosts a weekend retreat for our management team. This year, 40 of our organization’s managers and assistant managers gathered in Orlando for some skill-building, team bonding, and some good old fashioned fun.

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Events like these are much like family reunions, so the team was excited to be staying together in two large homes LNE Consulting rented for the long weekend. As our managers arrived on Thursday night, it wasn’t long before everyone was grilling by the pool, playing cards, and catching up.

On Friday, the group got together for a day of professional development. The morning began with a 20-minute meditation led by Julie Edmonds, LNE Consulting’s CEO, focused on implementing successful mindsets. This was followed by a video call with one of the nation’s foremost recruiting experts. Next, Julie ran an extensive workshop about challenging limiting beliefs. She helped the group to identify challenges in their lives and to understand how their mindsets contribute to these challenges.

Following Friday’s lunch, New York-based manager, Chris, gave a talk about trust, vulnerability and self-reliance in business. Next, Elijah from California ran a workshop on identifying core values by understanding what drives you in life. Finally, Ben from NY spoke about investing and developing multiple streams of income.

After an impactful day of learning, everyone headed out for tacos and drinks in downtown Orlando.

On Saturday, the goal was simple: have as much fun as possible! The management squad spent the day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure where they went on tons of rides and got to act like big kids for the day. New Jersey-based manager, DK, had this to say:

I had never been to Islands of Adventure, and it was so much fun! Just spending time outside of work to build relationships with other managers around the country was priceless. We have such a great culture.

Saturday evening, everyone cooked dinner at the houses and played the always hilarious game, Cards Against Humanity.

All in all, it was quite the incredible long weekend for LNE Consulting’s management team. California-based manager, Luis, summed up the event perfectly:

From start to finish, it was a great weekend with lots of fun memories. I’m excited to implement all of the new things I learned and I have no doubt we’re going to hit the goals we set.

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Now, here’s the video with some fun pictures of the event!