When you have almost 20 years of business experience and have built a successful organization, one of the most rewarding things an entrepreneur can do is help others achieve success. Julie Edmonds, the CEO of LNE Consulting, is doing just that. Last weekend, she hosted an exclusive event called Top Gun in Los Angeles, CA. Julie runs this seminar annually and extends invites to only a lucky few industry pace-setters who have separated themselves from the pack through hard word, great leadership, and all around results. This year’s event was unsurprisingly a tremendous success.

It was a jam-packed long weekend. The event kicked off on Thursday night with a delicious Italian dinner at Buca Di Beppo, where all of the attendees had a chance to meet and get to know each other. On Friday morning, the group gathered at our client broker’s offices to begin the seminar. We started with a facility tour, ice breakers, and of course some strong coffee! Our CEO, Julie, addressed the group about the importance of a leader being on top of her game in order to inspire performance in a team. The seminar also featured discussions led by other successful entrepreneurs from across the country. The group learned about creating team synergy and identity; transitioning from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset; getting in the zone and performing your best; and the importance of discussing big picture goals.

lne-consulting-1The second half of the seminar was just as riveting. It included an on-site luncheon and outdoor team-building activities. We heard directly from the president of our client brokerage firm, who told us about upcoming opportunities and tremendously exciting new ventures that will be underway by 2020. Awards were handed out to each of the incredible professionals who were invited to attend this year’s event. The weekend was wrapped up by a nice team dinner out on the town.

Julie shared, “My favorite part of this event was getting to meet so many hungry and ambitious people. It was also great to be able to recognize the hard work of the other incredible entrepreneurs who spoke at the event.”

Top Gun weekend provided exciting insights into the future of our business. We had a glimpse of the incredible talent and tremendous aptitude of our businesses’s future leaders. We also heard about exciting new developments with our existing clients, as well as opportunities to add new high-profile clients to our portfolio. This was all topped off by a really great time with really great people. We truly could not be more excited about the work that we do, who we do it with, and the future of LNE Consulting.

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