It’s that time again! Springtime is always exciting when you’re a part of the LNE Consulting team, and this year is no exception! Our CEO, Julie Edmonds, will soon be hosting an annual event that we all look forward to, Top Gun.

The thirty-five top performers selected to attend will fly to Los Angeles to “work hard” and of course “play hard” — which is always the LNE Consulting philosophy. The event will be a combination of seminars, coaching, professional networking, and of course wining and dining.

How were the the lucky invitees selected? Our management team took at look at the overall growth and performance of each member of our organization. They chose individuals who have consistently gone the extra mile, shown strong leadership within the company, and experienced the most personal and professional growth. These are people who are not only setting the pace, but who are helping others achieve their goals as well. And of course, this group is the best of the best when it comes to work ethic and attitude.

“It’s important to me to invest in our top performers,” Julie Edmonds said. “I want them to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. I also want to give them the tools to continue to succeed by providing training at a higher level that they’ll be able to draw upon in their next steps.”

The event unofficially kicks off on Wednesday, April 11th, with a special get together planned for the seminar’s speakers. Julie has arranged for these entrepreneurs and executives to receive specialized coaching from the CEO of a 300 million dollar sales company, an incredible opportunity.

The “Top Guns” will arrive in LA on Thursday and everyone will get together for the first time for Italian food. They will have the chance to get to know their fellow invitees as well as the event’s speakers and special guests in a casual relaxed setting.

Friday is the official event. Attendees will take part in thought-provoking team-building exercises. They will learn about effective leadership and goal-setting, and will receive coaching from individuals at the top of their respective careers and industries. We anticipate that our Top Guns will come away with full notebooks and a massive dose of motivation!

In the evening, all guests will be wined and dined. Everyone will attend a roof-top venue for drinks and networking. If past years’ events are any indication, this should be a good time.

The following day, some of the executives will stay in town and go hiking in Santa Monica.

Stay tuned for pictures and a recap of the event’s highlights!

Here’s a slideshow of highlights from Top Gun 2 years ago!

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