LNE Consulting Top Gun 2019Another successful Top Gun is on the books… and we have to say, this year’s was better than ever!

Every spring, LNE Consulting’s CEO, Julie Edmonds, hosts an event in Los Angeles for the organization’s top performers to receive advanced leadership training, recognition, and of course be wined and dined.

Thirty-three attendees were chosen from across the country because of their superior work ethics, positive attitudes, production capabilities, leadership skills, and high potential.

“I was truly impressed by the caliber of people this year. The talent in the room was some of the best I’ve seen.” – Julie Edmonds

The event kicked off on Thursday night. The group met at the Westin Hotel and then headed out for dinner in LA.

LNE Consulting Top Gun 2On Friday morning meetings began. First was an introductory talk about goals for the year, expectations, and developing a successful mentality. Next, the group heard from the CEO of a 300 million dollar sales company who spoke about big picture goals and planning for the next 25 years. This was followed by additional talks from our clients’ liaisons and various department heads.

After lunch it was time for individual breakout sessions. Each group was hosted by one of LNE Consulting’s most successful managers. Discussions were geared around developing leadership skills, managing a team, making good choices, and removing limiting beliefs.

Manager Marianne King, who hosted a breakout group, remarked,

“I’ve been chosen to speak at this event for the past 3 years and it’s one of my favorites because we’re working with the best people in each office — the people who put in the most effort, have the best attitude, and are the most ambitious.

Next was a challenging team exercise: the egg drop. Everyone was divided into groups and given an egg and a bunch of supplies. The goal was to figure out how to drop the egg from a ladder without it breaking. No easy task!

LNE Consulting Top Gun 1To wrap up the seminar, Julie Edmonds handed out certificates to all of the Top Guns. She also recognized 3 notable individuals from the group, the best of the best, who stood out because of the results they delivered this year.

That evening, everyone met for tacos and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Hermosa Beach.

For those who remained in town, Saturday was a mix of leisurely activities. Some went hiking and others went to Venice Beach and rented scooters and bikes.

The long weekend was a tremendous success. Not only did attendees come away with additional resources to help them achieve their goals, but they had a blast connecting with their peers and solidifying relationships with business mentors.

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